We serve in different areas of life, Food & Hunger, Water, Climate change, Education, Health, Youth & Women and many others areas of human need. We work in groups that can join together for the better efforts to solve the issues of the community. Currently Pakistan is dealing with several issues and we are supporting Pakistani Nation by providing different charity services and helping them in resolving these issues.

Climate Change

The effects of climate change and global warming on Pakistan, the melting of glaciers in the Himalayas, threatening the volumetric flow rate of many of the most important rivers of Pakistan. In Pakistan, such effects are projected to impact millions of lives. As a the result of ongoing climate change, the climate of Pakistan has become increasingly volatile over the past several decades; this trend is expected to continue. Be A Lion to contribute in spreading awareness about the climate change.


Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world. (Nielsen Mandela). Unfortunately, Pakistan literacy rate in is below than the standard. School building and furniture are among the major causes of lack of education in Pakistan. Be A Lion to raise Pakistan among the top nation in the world through serving education sector in Pakistan.



Health is Wealth. The increasing rate of health issues in Pakistan is alarming. These health issues are leading to new kind of diseases that are difficult to treat because of lack of finances and economic conditions. Be A Lion and roar your way to facilitate those who can’t afford quality health care.


Food & Hunger

Food & Hunger is one of the major issues in Pakistan. According to Global Food Security Index Pakistan ranked 77th out of total 109. In Pakistan food insecurity really worse, i-e 6 out of 10 people is below food security line. Be A Lion today to provide food to thousands of Pakistanis and eradicate hunger from the society.


Peace and Harmony

Peace is something that enables people to live a better life. Pakistan is a country that faces huge peace and harmony issues in the last few years. Be A Lion to highlight the importance of promoting the culture of peace and harmony in Pakistan.


Society Development

To bring about economic growth and social change, Women and Youth empowerment is an important concern now a day. They are also an important element of a country's population. Be A Lion to support the entrepreneurial and leadership capacity of women and youth in Pakistan.



Water is life and life is precious. Without water, life is not possible and in Pakistan people are facing problems for getting pure drinking water. According to Water Crisis Index, Pakistan ranked third among the countries facing water crisis. Be A Lion to save water and facilitate people with pure drinking water to save lives.